Our services are geared towards helping 

people hear better. 

We offer complementary hearing screenings that allows us to isolate hearing problems. Common hearing loss signs include a change in personality, like someone who used to be social, but now doesn’t want to spend time around people. Sometimes, symptoms of hearing loss can even be confused with Alzheimer’s.

Let us help you hear what you've been missing


  • Depression, anxiety, disorientation 
  • Reduced language comprehension 
  • Impaired memory (esp. short-term memory)
  • Inappropriate psychosocial responses
  • Loss of ability to recognize (agnosia)
  • Denial, defensiveness, negativity 
  • Distrust and suspicion regarding other’s motives

  • Depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation
  • Reduced communication ability 
  • Can’t remember what was not heard 
  • Inappropriate psycho-social responses 
  • Reduced mental scores due hearing loss
  • Denial, defensiveness, negativity 
  • Distrust and paranoia