• Signia hearing aids offer excellent noise cancellation features.  When your hearing aid touches your hair, or if you touch your hearing aid, the amount of static and other unpleasant noises are filtered out.
  • Signia hearing aids are almost all adjustable.  This allows our trained staff and techs the ability to help you achieve a comfortable fit with your new hearing aids.
  • A Binaural  (two hearing aids, one in each ear) hearing aids will greatly aid the wearer locate and distinguish sound patterns and voices.
  • Hearing aids do not give wearers perfect hearing and does not repair hearing loss, but will slow the progression of the loss as long as they are  programmed properly by an experienced professional.

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American discount hearing is a Signia hearing aid dispenser.  We sell and fit our customers with this brand of hearing aid NOT because of their exceptional quality and comfortable​
design, but because of their technological advances in engineering and most models are backed by a 2-year manufacturers warranty.  Many hearing aids on the market today fail after just a few months.  Signia hearing aids are proven to work well, fit comfortably in or around your ear, and are energy efficient.

If you have any questions regarding the products that we sell and fit our customers with, call (956) 702-7777 for further explanation. If you are having trouble with your product, you may call us or stop by our office, and we will gladly help you. 

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